Classifieds for PHP-Nuke

Classifieds for PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke-based classifieds system with
e-commercial features

See also: Powerful Classifieds, "Data Grabbing Scripts

Price: we offer our Powerful Classifieds product that is much more extended.
Contact us for we knew the level of your needs.


The script allows you to start Web-portal/classified ads solution (Realty Management, Auto Listings, Job Sites, Image Gallery, etc.) in minutes from any database with any custom fields. The custom fields may be simple text boxes, text areas, drop-downs, checkboxes (boolean fields).

Any solution where category/items listing is needed may be built in hours. Flexibility and growth as your business expands. Custom programming to meet your needs is possible.

Free script installation. Free customer support. Free minor changes to fit your needs.

Main Features:
- Free / Paid system registration - Free / Paid ads placement
- Customer crediting, payments controlling - Discount setting (Coupons)
- Featured/Regular ads supporting - Custom ad field types
- Advanced search - Bulk ads uploading
- Categorized banner ads - E-mails broadcasting
- Setting the number of uploading pictures - States/countries list configuring
- Free installation provided - Customer support
For our clients: all new versions - FOR FREE

(Need a custom program? We may customize the system to 100% fit
your specific needs. Just contact us for prompt details.)

Notice: the software demo information is available at the end of this document.
Butch Zaborniak,

After spending some time and money searching for the "Perfect Software" for my website, I have finally found a software author and tech support who really does care about his work. It seems when you arent happy, neither is he.

Stan has spent some time with me and even customised the software to fit my needs himself. He has made himself available and ALWAYS replies to email better than reasonable time.

My experiences with Stan and his company, have been nothing short of a godsend when stuck with a problem in installation, or mistakes that I have made when configuring the classifieds.

Again I cant express enough that he has well earned the cost of the software and then some. I will continue doing business with and looking into purchasing more scripts from them in the future.

Keep up the great work and work ethics! Its hard to find a company likes yours.

Butch Zaborniak

I have just recently purchased a copy of the php-nuke based classified ads from the7soft for my site, and I must say I love it.
Even though I am a novice webmaster with little or no clue about php I have managed to customise the script to do what I want.
Customer service has been very quick and reliable and I can recommend this script to anybody who needs classifieds with their php-nuke website.

Major Features List

  • Simple Search / Advanced search, including keywords, pre-defining product parameters, zip search, zip radius search. The Zip search feature is available only for USA zip codes.;
  • Paid User Registration with possibility to regulate access to different set of modules dependently on kind of user registration + convenient function to determine whether several people work under the same user account at the same time;
  • Paid Ads Publishing;
  • Paid/Free modes switching for ads publishing (admin. function);
  • Coupons;
  • Ability to credit advertisers/banner advertizers (admin function);
  • Major merchants supported* Paypal, 2checkout,
  • Custom ad fields types (checkboxes, drop-downs, textboxes). Global/Local levels. Ability to search ads on all or selected custom fields.;
  • Bulk ads uploading;
  • Categorized banner ads. PHPNuke's banners are displayed in certain categories for which they're assigned to. If a category does not have banner, the banner from the parent category is displayed there.
  • E-mails broadcasting with HTML capability (admin function);
  • Featured/Regular ads supporting. Featured ads have priority in displaying of the list of ads, have different number of user's images and may be priced differently with different durations;
  • Setting number of pictures allowed per type of ad (regular, featured) (admin function);
  • Products Thumbnails feature
  • States/countries list configuring (admin function);
  • The "Our Partners" ads block with administration interface;
  • Improved Newsletter Subscribe/Unsubscribe block;
  • Extended Newsletter functions;
  • The two or more parallel installations feature is available on demand;
  • + all PHP-Nuke and major features and possibilities left from re-worked NukeC 2.1
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