We treasure the positive experiences our clients have had with The7Soft.com. Let us share a few of the comments we've received. These comments came as citations from customers' letters or prepared testimonials sent to our address.

Brad Traynham, supergpsstore.com

Scriptlance...you are the only quality programmer I've found off of there. I've used 2 others in the past, and they didn't know what they were doing. I think I knew more PHP than they did. Sometimes I think people read a book and think they are a great programmer...

Butch Zaborniak, www.stolencycles.com

After spending some time and money searching for the "Perfect Software" for my website, I have finally found a software author and tech support who really does care about his work. It seems when you arent happy, neither is he.

Stan has spent some time with me and even customised the software to fit my needs himself. He has made himself available and ALWAYS replies to email better than reasonable time.

My experiences with Stan and his company, the7soft.com have been nothing short of a godsend when stuck with a problem in installation, or mistakes that I have made when configuring NukeC, Nuke Classifieds, the software he has written.

Again I cant express enough that he has well earned the cost of the software and then some. I will continue doing business with the7soft.com and looking into purchasing more scripts from them in the future.

Keep up the great work and work ethics! Its hard to find a company likes yours.

Butch Zaborniak

Cosmosurf Admin, www.globalclassifiedads.com

I thank you for your patience and your professionalism for customizing my classified ads script. You were very responsive to my comments and cared that the script came out exactly as I wished. You are a true professional, and I hope you will agree to do some more work for me in the future.

Thank you,
Cosmosurf Admin
www.globalclassifiedads.com, Cosmosurf Technologies, Inc

Cana Tech, radiopalmwine.com
"Thanks so much for everything. You have really been patient and understanding."
D.Q.A. Nguyen, nhipcaumuaban.com
"...I know that you have done a lot for that extra ... paid..."
Babette Costa, www.cadirtfinder.com
"...Thank you SO MUCH!..."
Justin Grant, Aaron Vixx, www.thevixx.com
Stan works night in and night out to get your business running. Would recommend to anyone looking to start internet business. I couldn\'t think of anyone having more special requests and problems than we have had and he has solved every one. Stan is a unbelievably hard worker. Thanks.

J. Grant
A. Vixx
Aaron Hancock, dbuclassifieds.com
the7soft has helped make doing business enjoyable again! While working with them, I received the best customer service that I have ever experienced in this market... This experience has been absolutely wonderful! Not only did the7soft deliver a superb product, but they went above and beyond the support level I expected from a software company. Always eager to help, the7soft customized their product to meet the specific needs of my company and any problems that were found during installation and testing were QUICKLY resolved! I absolutely recommend the7soft for your programming needs as I will purchase their services again in the future.

David Briggman, rockinghamfreepress.com
Your software allows The Rockingham Free Press to have the type of news site we wanted to create.
We wanted to give our readers free access to news and allow free reader access to our classifieds. Only your software allows us to do just exactly that! Your software uniquely allows us to make both display and classified advertisers pay for the cost of keeping our readership informed.
Your rapid response to support issues and emergencies - even with issues unrelated to your software - allows us to have the highest confidence in your product and your ability to support them.

Many thanks,
David Briggman, Publisher and Editor
The Rockingham Free Press
Greg Mcabee, springmill.biz
"...I like your software very much..."
Gerald Kuskowski, auto-conga.info
"...Thank you
You are good at what you do..."
Great worker, understanding, great pricing!
Mark Cookson, mark AT packpro.com
I believe I have it all working now and it looks to be working pretty good. Many thanks for your help man!

Mark Cookson
mark AT packpro.com

Bodo Arndt, www.mieterschutzportal.de
"Dear Mr. Ivasyuk,
thank you for your great help"
A. John Peters, ajpeters AT hnoj.org
I would like to thank you for your professional and competent manner.
Two (3) weeks ago I had a customer enquire about creating classified ads. After a study I recommended phpNUKE with your NUKEc. At the time I new very little about phpNUKE and how to configure, debug and customize it properly. I also new that my customer would require modifications, to the NUKEc module.
You agreed to a reasonable price for both the NUKEc module and for training on ways to maintain the phpNUKE site. You met every deadline, preformed every function and met the cost. Your manner of training proved very valuable to me, and I am sure that I can do much more on my own.
Thank you for your hard work and time. If you ever need a recommendation, let me know.

A. John Peters

Ross, www.adultcitydirectory.com
The level of support from this company is beyond excellent. From day one all of my e-mails have been answered promptly, even on weekends. Numerous small changes requested by me were done same day free of charge, and the custom programming I ordered was completed within days at a reasonable price. Installation of the script was done within 24 hours of me ordering the script and that included modifications needed to run it under a recent release of PHP Nuke (7.5). How-to questions have been answered same day with detailed answers that included jpeg snapshots of the functions I was asking about.
I've purchased and tried other scripts including PhpClassifieds, Esvon, Noah, PhpYellow and more. Although the code in this script is not as well commented as others, the level of support and the flexibility of this script more then makes up for it. Other companies I've dealt with take their time getting back to you and can take weeks to do any custom programming. The script is not encrypted either like Esvon's script, which means you are not solely dependent on the developer for customization.
There are several reasons why I purchased this script. One of them is it allows a user to do a radius search on a zip code, this is a feature lacking in most other classified ad programs. Esvon has it but they also charge extra for that module. Another is the fact that this script is an add-on to PHP Nuke which means you have a wide selection of themes, commercial and free, that can used for the site. PHP Nuke also comes with a discussion forum and all of the other features you would expect from a content management system, the kind of stuff other classified ad programs are only beginning to add on to their programs. In addition, because it works with PHP Nuke, you can easily add a free shopping cart script to your site. If you've never used PHP Nuke don't let it stop you from using this classified ad script - PHP Nuke is a simple install and the program itself is easier to use and administer then most classified ad systems (I had never used it before when I ordered this script).
I am using the script as a business directory on my site and have removed the function that allows a user to search for products based on a specific price range for that product - a real nice feature you'll want for any classified ad site. As a business directory it beats PhpYellow and YellowMaker hands down in my opinion, mainly because of the zip code search feature and the ability to allow the user to add more then one photo.
David Burley, www.motorhomefacts.com
The7Soft company carried out the NukeC Classifieds patch installation for me on my site.
I have a heavily customised phpnuke community website (motorhomefacts.com) which required very careful manual installation and individual modification of files rather than a simple ftp files up and change a few variables type installation.
Stanislav carried out the installation professionally, we encountered a few hiccups along the way due to my custom configuration etc, but luckily Stanislav had fully backed up my config / database before starting work and this allowed quick and easy rollback to resolve issues. Once the standard 7soft patch was installed I also wanted some more customisation carried out of the classifieds system to my specifications, again 7Soft coded up the necessary changes and spent many hours troubleshooting and fixing small bugs that had crept in.
I also received a patch archive which had copies of all the changed files and instructions need I carry out the install again in case of hard drive failure etc.
Overall I was very satisfied with the work and support of 7Soft and would recommend the patch installation to any other budding web salesmen for their sites.
Roger, www.pornokongen.com
I have just recently purchased a copy of the php-nuke based classified ads from the7soft for my site pornokongen.com, and I must say I love it.
Even though I am a novice webmaster with little or no clue about php I have managed to customise the script to do what I want.
Customer service has been very quick and reliable and I can recommend this script to anybody who needs classifieds with their php-nuke website.
Sergio Narváez, www.telenlaces.com
Thanks Stanislav for your good help.. and please change the address of my page in your references section of your page to www.telenlaces.com " Sergio González Narváez
Torres Laurent, www.tranventure.com
I was looking for a solution to build my website: classifieds .So, I tried the services of  "the7soft web agency" : I used the "web programming classifieds". This application is really remarkable . This application was completely adapted to my website needs and his future evolution .
If you are looking for superior service to satisfy your requirements, "the7soft web agency " is the company to choose.
I am impressed by the professionalism and competency of Stanislav Ivasyuk.
Stanislav Ivasyuk made a solid effort to understand my needs . he is patient and a good communicator.
When I wanted something changed all I had to do was ask and it was completed in record time. All questions were explained thoroughly.
I can highly recommend The7soft web agency  as a company that truly cared about its role in our project and as a group that assisted us in all aspects of technology development.
I will definitively use them again in the future.
Kris Derentz, www.unlvstudents.com
All I have to say is that Mr. Stanislav Ivasyuk went far beyond my expectations and provided me with a product far more then expected! My project was quite complicated I as required a lot of customization of the the existing NukeC module to meet my needs and Mr. Ivasyuk was with all the way. He contacted me daily with up dates and was always available to take care of any concerns I had. I would highly reccomend him to anyone!
Derrick Brinkman, exoticcarco at hotmail dot com
" ...As far as I know it went well. I just sent the webmaster the downloaded file from my desktop and the instructions you gave me in another email. thank you for your quick response and help... " exoticcarco at hotmail.com
Rachael, www.e-scorts.co.uk
I was looking for someone to do some work for me and came across the the7soft, Now im very wary when it comes to dealing with companys over the internet especially where money is envolved.
Believe me you have nothing to worrie about, what they say is what they do and you cant ask for anything more.
They done all I asked of them and never kept me waiting, all the after support was there when I needed it.
I shall certainly be contacting them again if theres anyting else I need doing.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubts/quieres about the7soft.com, I'll gladly reccommend them to anyone.

thanks Stanislav X

Tavonia Evans, www.ebonyweb.net
We were looking for a classified ads module that would be robust and turnkey for our website -- www.ebonyweb.net --- when we found this upgrade to the NukeC phpnuke module. We were quite pleased with our decision and we had wonderful installation support from this company.
Ron Kowalczyk, www.casingconnection.com
I have used the services of Mr. Stanislav Ivasyuk. Service include Nukec improvements and tweaks of the php nuke web portal.
Mr. Stanislav Ivasyuk and his company www.the7soft.com have been a great help to me in setting up of my website. In particular, he responds immediately to any enquiries, and is very helpful in finding solutions to problems as they arise.
Stanislav is patient and will see the project through until your 100% satified with the work. Rates for work are very reasonable.
I would not hesitate to recommend the "The7soft" and Mr Ivasyuk's services to anyone.
If anyone would like more detailed information regarding work I have contracted with "the7soft" and my results I can be reached at "casings@att.net".
Robert Keddie, www.checkim.com
He is prompt, professional, flexible, affordable and makes himself easily accessible.
Bottom line he gets things done ahead of schedule and is there even beyond completion.
the7soft is the best!
Gary Muller, www.adsontheside.com
"... Hi Stanislav,
The admin section looks awesome. Just great. The affiliate section is great too ..."
Stefan Dissmer, www.q-wert.net
That guy did a good job for us.
Well, q-wert NET meanwhile depends on such persons.
To keep things going people like Stan are seriously irreplaceable.
We trust in his work.
G. Georgoudakis, www.Gegeor.Net
Excellent work and communication throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to use this guy again.
A coder who understands the urgency of the project an is willing to work tirelessly to complete the job on time.!! This guy is thoroughly recommended to those looking for a fast, excellent programmer who stays in contact every step of the way. . A very pleasant and professional programmer. . A+ Highly recommended!!!
Great result, Thanks!!
Dinesh Mistry, www.yourhostdirect.com
"... Awesome thank you very much!"
Bryan Hammond, www.exploreanywhere.com
"Stanislav- Everything looks good! I think you've accomplished everything I requested."
Satyakam Misra, www.webprosys.com
"...YOu have done a fantastic job..."

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