In-Text Ad System

This software has been designed to be used in our clients' projects as an in-text ad selling part or as a standalone project.

Advertizers put their bid-based banners (same as at the vibrantmedia system allows), put an initial deposit and, if their banner's bid is one of the highest of the existing ones, his banner gets to the rotation and stops as the funds are ended or there will be other banners with higher bids. Banners are keywords-based.

A site owner inserts a simple javascript code surrounding the main content area of his site's pages. He may also set a number of keywords to be processed for his website to optimize the work of the script. As the banners are clicked, the site owner gets his revenue to his "virtual" (escrow) account. He can order the funds withdrawal when needed.

Main Features

  • Day-of-week targeting of network campaigns;
  • Hour targeting of network campaigns;
  • Online payments accepting from advertizers (paypal/2checkout are supported or any else upon request)/book-keeping log records about each charge/income after each operation/automated accounting;
  • Bidding and quality democratic random selection mechanism allowing the first 5 banners with top bids to appear with different probability (that depends on the bid - the higher, the higher probability to get into rotation);
  • Changeable automated revenue sharing;
  • Admin has options to edit any user setting, including the remainder on the user's escrow account (all the account operations are logged);
  • Affiliates
  • New sites admin approval;
  • New banners admin approval;
  • The system is template-based

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