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Use them to grab contents for your classifieds or any other website.

In-Text Popup Advertising

Popup context banners based on keywords.

Powerful Classifieds

Qraigslist Clone and Backpage Clone Solutions and Cross-Integrations with CMS and e-Shops

Custom classifieds: adult, general and specific topics.

The Real Life Projects, Samples of Custom Work. Most successful customers' projects.

Any Custom Modification

Free Installation, Configuring, Basic Service and Support

Marketing Tools: Pre-load your website with data from other classifieds with data grabbers

Written from scratch in PHP (for MySQL)

Free bugfixing. Lifetime warranty.

* Please send us full project details for the final quote. Many modifications can be done for free, some can be paid.

Main Advantages & Unique Features

  • Full user support. Free minor code code changes.

  • Stable self-maintaining script. Designed for minor admin interference.

  • 100% Real-time (not waiting for 15 minutes etc, except the forwarding which is done by a scheduled script)

  • Customizable user area

  • Powerful Ad Payment System. Allows you to:

    • have featured and regular ads. The featured ones are listed first

    • set separate ad price for location and ad categories - for any depth of categories. Also: separately for regular and featured ads that gives you the most flexibility

    • the final ad's price = location category price + ad category price (analogically with the featured ads pricing)

    • this allows you to charge different money for same ad category but for different locations

    • this allows you to charge different money for ad subcategories or for different ad categories within the same location

  • Ad duration now can be set by location and topic categories! The result duration is an addition of the location category's ad duration and the topic category's ad duration.

  • Ads' photos are zoomed in when clicked.

  • Photo Titles

    • Listings Sorting

    • Listings Filtering

    • "Beforehand" Ad Renewal - possibility to renew the ad before it expires to prolong its duration

    • Listing Expiration Warning

    • Newest / Recent Listings

    • Hottest Listings

    • The "Your Favorite Ads" Listing (user area)

  • Category-based and global searchable ad attributes; location and ad category attributes - allow you to add ANY EXTRA FIELD (drop-down, textfield, checkbox, date field) into the system within a minute and give it the possibility to be searchable. That's why you may set ANY main category to describe absolutely different sphere!

  • Automated flagging system

  • Ad Comments and Ad Ratings

  • Automated "bad words" checking

  • Better & more Flexible Search Engine. Can search on custom fields, as well

  • Better "View Details" and "Print details" as well as other items' descriptions output - thanks to the templates & items attributes system

  • Improved Images Uploading Mechanism: more flexible with automated resizing

  • Full pagination in the ads' listings

  • Compactness

  • Possibility to set the ad's duration separately for any category

  • Anti-Spamming: IP logging and limiting the # of sent e-mails of those who "send the ads to friends", who e-mail to the advertisers through an online form

  • IP Ban

  • Maximum automation. Minimum administration is needed though you may do a full administration from the admin panel

  • Security: image verification (CAPTCHA), protection from cross-site scripting (e.g. javascript code injections), email injection. Protection from file upload attacks. Secure persistent login implementation. Brute force login attempts rejecton. Admin Area file renaming is supported for security purposes. "Bad words" warning. Checks the validity of e-mail addresses entered by each user.

  • Already supported payment processors:, paypal,, alertpay,, ccbill, Other payment processors can also be applied.

  • Pre-load your website with data from other classifieds with data grabbers

Our Testimonials


"I have worked with the7soft for a long time now. Stan is great with support, always on the ball and ready to help. Recently we were hit with ddos attacks and he worked tirelessly with us to keep the site online. When we got the ddos protection it was causing a lot of errors due to conflicts with the script. Stan was there with us and got us through the whole process. I don't know what I would have done without him. I'm sure the site would still be down if not for him.

I highly reccomend the7soft. You will not find better or more dedicaated support out there."

Seri Ilan

"I recently purchased the Powerful Classifieds script and I must say that this script is everything I could ask for and more. It is highly customizable, and it fully supports a multi-language setup. It was also very easy to translate the text (just a matter of editing templates and/or a language file) The developer is very prompt. Whatever I threw at him, whether it was a new customization or a minor bug, it was fixed right away. His work in this project has been outstanding. I highly recommend this script. You will definitely get the most bang for your buck."

Behavior of Qraigslist or backpage classifieds or of the classifieds you will point us to. Any customization is possible!

  • Same categories browsing behavior

  • Same verification image/words behavior

  • Same location change behavior

  • Same e-mail forwarding feature - more secured for the users

  • Control for duplicated message bodies

  • Flagging system

  • Categories have been support category custom fields which allows to have different category- and location- depending field names on the ad posting screen and have the dynamic content through the site.

Our Competitive Advantages

  • Custom item attributes - for location categories, ads' categories, and searchable ads' categories-based and global attributes for ads (allowing you to add new textboxes, drop-down menus, date fields, checkboxes)

  • Open php

  • Powerful HTML-based templates system that includes the items' attributes support as well

  • Highly-skilled paid modification services at the reasonable price (compared with the outsourced programming prices. Professional, fast and reliable)

  • Highly-skilled full professional support and free set up and tuning services

  • Unlike other developers, WE DO NOT JUST sell the software letting it be "as it is": we know what the words "quality support" mean. Minor modifications are also free

  • Free basic SEO services (oriented on your project targeting)

The system is 100% template-based with easily configurable HTML templates.

Paid Options

  • ANY MODIFICATION at all - the price depends on your requirements

  • Addition of forums (PHPBB addition is free)

  • Addition of the zip radius search - depends on your requirementsfeature

  • Addition of the ip-to-location feature - depends on your requirements

  • Advanced SEO services

  • any other modification

Free Options

  • Categories entering and overall system configuring (configuring of the ordered options to your needs), including the items' attributes setting

  • Template editing

  • Custom attributes (fields) setting

  • Minor modifications are free as well

  • Basic SEO

Free bugfixing. Lifetime warranty.

* Please send us full project details for the final quote. Many modifications can be done for free, some can be paid.

Marketing Tools: Pre-load your website with data from other classifieds with data grabbers

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